Balanced Scorecard
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"MTES is helping leaders make decisions based on data"

  • "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."
  • "Management is prediction"
  • "If you don't measure it, you'll never know if you've improved it."
  • “The most important figures that one needs in management are unknown or unknowable, but successful management must nevertheless take account of them”.
  • “If we know how to manage with data, then we can learn how better to manage without data”
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Measurements are to essential to many facets of our life's. Scores on exams often determine what schools we attend and professions we can pursue. Measurements are used to determine what medical treatments we receive or don't receive. Like humankind, measurements and numbers based upon measurements are not exact. For example, 10.0 is not what it seems, it could really be 10.5. Despite the obvious importance of understanding the degree of "exactness" of numbers, a relatively few leaders have received training or tools to assists them in making decisions in the presence of uncertainty.

Understanding the nature of variation is critical to making better decisions at work or at home. It is the goal of  MTES to help business and government leaders become more adapt to making decisions in the uncertain world we live in. It is the belief at  MTES the thinking, the methods and the tools needed to understand the nature of variation need to integrated into every day decision making processes.

The  Six Sigma Process and an enhanced Balanced Scorecard integrating "Statistical Thinking" concepts are two key management methods  MTES believes can assist leaders to achieve better results. Information on Six Sigma Training and Six Sigma Certification.

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